close-up magic


Jan offers a dynamic approach that reinvigorates the art of illusion. It is the perfect icebreaker for your event. Immerse yourself in an intimate performance where magic comes to life just inches from your eyes. Whether at a cocktail party, wedding or corporate event, this professional magician transforms the ordinary into the extraordinary. Personal interaction is at the heart of this experience. Prepare to be amazed by surprising tricks, creating memorable moments. Let yourself be carried away by Jan HimSelf’s close-up magic, where each moment is an authentic encounter with the unimaginable. 

Duration : 90 minutes during the event. 

The combination of close-up magic and a stage performance is ideal. Close-up magic offers personal interaction while the stage performance lets the entire audience enjoy the show. 

As a Swiss multilingual master, Jan presents his acts in French, English, German, and even Swiss German !