who is JAN ?

More than just a magician

Jan is not just a professional magician, he is also an accomplished circus artist. His artistic creations exhibit surprising diversity, yet all bear the distinctive hallmark of “Jan HimSelf” : a friendly and fresh approach. Discover the captivating world of Jan HimSelf, where magic and circus converge to provide a unique experience.

Two left hands ?

These words described Jan during his childhood. While coordination was not his strong suit, his thirst for learning was insatiable. His passion for magic and circus allowed him to develop his dexterity. Through his performances, he has discovered how to forge authentic connection with his audience.

Countless hours dedicated to training transformed this once clumsy young man into an artist. His remarkable progress led him to become the first Swiss magician to earn a Bachelor’s degree in circus arts, obtained at the Codart University of the Arts in Rotterdam. A tangible testament that perseverance and passion can turn challenges into spectacular achievements.


But especially in Switzerland !

He has performed from Taiwan to Estavayer-le-Lac, from weddings to corporate events, from Cirque du Soleil to perhaps your next event? Given his desire for closer interaction with his audience, Jan is currently performing primarily in Switzerland. A Swiss quality magician for your event !

A wide range of unique offerings !

Close-up Magic showcases the impossible right before the spectator’s eyes. His stage magic allows a larger audience to witness the spectacle. His light juggling amazes, while his fire show impresses! Why not combine multiple entertainment elements for your event? 

Jan HimSelf – makes your event magical !